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Keep Track of Your Expenses With A Trusted Bookkeeper - Rehoboth Beach, DE

George W. Stern CPA, PC is available to provide professional, trusted accounting, bookkeeping services in Rehoboth Beach & tax preparation services for your business. His office in Delaware is open throughout the year to discuss your company's finances.

CPA Accountant in Lewis, DE

Come see George W. Stern if you're seeking a reliable bookkeeper. Rehoboth Beach residents can rest assured that he will fully check your company's finances, to ensure you business' money is where it needs to be. He offers write-ups, and will go through bank deposits and checking expenses for income coming in and going out. Our CPA Accountant In Rehoboth Beach, DE and skilled staff compare your checks to bank records to make sure everything is consistent. You also can count on George W. Stern to track all losses and gains, which are reported to the IRD and state authorities.

Pen and Paper

Accountant in Delaware: Mediating Correspondences

Let us help you communicate with federal and state authorities when you receive notices. Whether you are missing a K1 or 1099, we help explain what the notice means and what you need to do. Our CPA will help you understand the difference in reported earnings when a W2 is missing or for stocks cashed in.

We then write up a response and let you proofread the document to ensure everything is correct. Once you approve our response, we send it to the state or federal agency and give you a copy. If you prefer, we can email you the copy of our response to the state. For more information about our bookkeeper, Rehoboth Beach and Lewis, DE residents don't hesistate to give us a call, or contact us here